The tips below could save you a lot of money and heartache,

Be warned, learn from other peoples misfortunes, and not your own mistakes.

  • When charging your batteries the night before do not charge your drill stand instead
  • When changing your car for another one make sure your boats fit in it
  • When bending over putting your boat in the water, make sure you have nothing in your top pocket that might fall into the lake
  • When bending over the side of the jetty make sure your hearing aid is secure .
  • Glasses, Mobile phones that sort of thing.
  • Check neck straps, radios do not float.
  • There is a competition to see how far you can travel in your car with a radio on your roof without it falling off.
  • Before you leave home check that your radio and boat are switched off, because by the time you get to the lake the batteries could be flat.
  • Check your boat is turned on before you launch it.
  • Boats do not steer very well with stands attached.
  • To make white wood glue go off quickly mix it with superglue.
  • Carry a clothes peg with your name on it for the frequency board.
  • Carry spare crystals, in case of a clash with another member.
  • Check out your boat works before you leave home

This list may stop you having a BAD day.

  • Boat, and stand if used.
  • Sails, and Jib pull down sheet if used.
  • Batteries (one spare for boat and transmitter if you can run to it) as you never know when a cell is going to pack up.
  • Radio.
  • Radio Pot lids.
  • Mast spacers.
  • Tools.
  • Spare rudder servo.
  • Spare receiver.
  • Insulation tape.
  • Gaffer tape.
  • Lunch.
  • Chair.