Sunday 15/05/16

Another good day in prospect with 17 competitors for the 3rd Steering event put on by David Cross and Keith Wright.. To start Keith showed how to do the course with his flying boat. All of the competitors enjoyed some boating and a lot of good-humoured banter. The course was similar to the first but run clockwise. See below for a selection of boats in attendance.


A fine spring day with a slight breeze was just what the sailing group were wishing for and it was good for the Scale Steering contestants. Yes you have read that correctly “contestants”. It was the first steering event of the year and was very well attended. 15 Dabblers had a couple of goes at the course, which while not particularly challenging it was more than enough for most of us. The course was laid out anti clockwise by David Cross and Keith Wright. First obstacle being a lighthouse, then on to a buoy box where a stop had to be made. Then out the opposite side and then round 90 degrees to go through the box side. On to the second light house which the breeze kept moving back and forwards. Not a problem but you needed to keep your attention. Next it was the slalom where some (me really) found it more challenging than it looked. Then a dash to cross the start / finish line. Being “dabblers” there was a fair amount of barracking and banter as usual and as Kenny Everett used to say “ all in the best possible taste”. Everyone had a good time thanks to the light touch of the organisers who made sure that all had a fair chance. Thanks Dave and Keith a great day.

On the day over thirty dabblers were at the lake having a good time and all without any stress. Great stuff.





stering 01.jpg