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britania 001.JPG
Royal Sailing Yacht Britannia, carbon fibre hull, planked wooden deck and cabin, sail winch and rudder servo,drop keel , boat will derig for transport, boat stand £300.00 ring 01903 264387
Ardent Motor sailor, with sail winch and rudder servo,single motor and speed control,sailas shown, boat stand, timer construction, £95.00 ring 01903 264387
Tug £100.00 ring 01903 264387

Cariad bristol channel motor sailing Cutter, with a colorful history, sails as shown,sail winch and rudder servo. single motor with speed control. boat battery,2.4 ghz radio and receiver,internal ballast , boat stand, £350.00 ring 01903 264387

Metcalf Mouldings Moonbeam Sailing Yacht, with internal ballast, cloth sails,planked wooden deck, sail winch and rudder servo, boat stand, will derig for transporting £300.00 ring 01903 264387

Sussex Maid Fishing Boat,with sails as shown, sail servo, rudder servo,boat standall timber construction,£175.00 ring 01903 264387

Hastings Lugger, with drop keel,rudder control only ,all timber construction,built by master craftsman,£350.00 ring 01903 264387