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Sussex Maid sailing fishing boat, with sails as shown,sail servo and rudder servo,all timber construction,boat stand, internal ballast £195.00 ring 01903 264387

Perkasa Motor Torpedo Boat with three motors and brass propellers, three speed controllers, boat 48 inches long, action mixer,rudder servo, boat batteries, boat stand £325.00 ono ring 01903 264387

Dragonflite 95 Racing Yacht, with sails as shown,sail winch and rudder servo, boat stand,£230.00 ring 01903 264387

Soling 50 with red sails,with sails as shown, sail winch and rudder servo,an ideal starter boat to learn to sail £75.00 ring 01293 524663

Dolphin Six Metre Racing Yacht or just sail for pleasure, With Sails as shown plus a another set of sails in plain colour, Fibreglass hull with wooden deck lifting handle inside of boat,sail winch and rudder servo, boat stand, £300.00 ring 01903 264387

A new design Mini 8 sailing boat 25 inches long height of mast from the deck 30 inches with the rudder attached to the keel so not to pick up weed, it comes ready built just add radio and battery ,Sails very well for a smal boat , built to order £195.00 ring 01903 264387

Dacron Deck Patch Material Dabblers Mobile store at the lakeside or ring 01903 264387

Motorized Herring Drifter, of bread and butter construction obishi timber hull, single motor, with electronic speed control,rudder servo, built by master craftsman £175.00 ring 01798 875320

Norfolk Broads Sailing Boat with Tender,fibreglass hul,wooden deck,sails as shownDrop Keel,sail winch and rudder servo, £275.00 ring 01798 875320

£40.00 ring 01903 264387

£40.00 ring 01903 264387

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    £25.00 ring 01903 264387

A collectors item £45.00 ring 01903 264387